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Full Stack Development for Moustachir

Moustachir is an online consulting platform that connects users with specialists in various fields. Using Python and Django, we developed an invoicing system to streamline transactions between users and consultants. We also enhanced navigation, UI, and created a consultant dashboard, improving functionality and user experience.

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Online Money Transfer Agency

iFlexMoney is an online money transfer agency that provides a secure platform for users to send money to family and friends in many countries. The platform offers competitive exchange rates, low fees, and fast transactions, ensuring a seamless experience for users. iFlexMoney also provides a mobile app for convenient money transfers on the go.

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Digital Wallet Services

Mula-X is a FinTech platform offering digital wallet services, a unique lunch card system, and instant access to earned wages. It simplifies financial transactions for users and provides businesses with tools for management and security. Continuous updates and features like budgeting tools ensure Mula-X meets the evolving financial needs of its users.

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Manifestly Tool

Manifestly is a tool designed for teams to streamline their workflow, SOPs, and checklists. It features task assignment, scheduling, automation, and integrates with various apps like Slack and Salesforce. This platform enhances task management with conditional logic, role assignments, and reminders, aiming to improve efficiency across departments.

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Smart Locker Management System

eLocker provides a smart locker management system, focusing on automation for various sectors including offices, warehouses, and retail. Launched in 2016, their technology utilizes wireless smart locks connected to a management system, offering benefits like significant reductions in management time and device loss, and optimizing locker usage with live data.

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Plant-based Meal Delivery Service

Purple Carrot is a plant-based meal delivery service that offers a variety of meal kits and prepared meals, catering to different dietary preferences like high-protein and gluten-free. It aims to make plant-based eating accessible and enjoyable, offering flexible weekly meal plans for health-conscious individuals and vegans.


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